Managing users

On the Users page, you can manage the access rights for your Monetico portal

You can give users an administrator profile or a user profile.

  • With an administrator profile, you can manage your account and create users.
  • With a user profile, you can see the information on the portal but you can’t manage the account.

01 Creating a user

  1. Click Create user
  2. Fill out the form (required fields are marked with an asterisk*)
  3. Click Create to continue or Cancel to go back to the User management page.

Once you’ve created the user, they’ll receive an email with the information they need to access the portal.


02 User information

To see a user’s information, change their information or delete them, click their name in the table.

On the User details page, you can check their information or click the Actions dropdown menu to do the following:

  • Block user
  • Reset password
  • Resend verification email
  • Change email
  • Change password
  • Change profile
  • Delete user

download the guide

Monetico portal [PDF]