Network assessment fees

Here you'll find all the information you need to understand the Interchange Plus pricing model

What are Network assessment fees?

For every transaction you make, Desjardins pays the cardholder’s payment network assessment fees which are set by the payment network and vary according to a number of factors, such as:

  • Payment network
  • Country in which the card is issued

Desjardins passes along these fees to you at cost, with no markup.

network Assessment fees

Network Assessment fees as of April 1, 2021 [PDF]

What is Interchange Plus?

Interchange Plus is a pricing model that takes different factors into account to determine your rate per transaction. Click here to learn more. 

How will I know if interchange fees or network assessment fees have changed?

Any time a payment network announces they’ll be making changes, we’ll update the list of interchange and/or network assessment fees in the Help Centre at least 90 days before the new fees go into effect. As per the code of conduct, we’ll also let you know about the changes through your merchant statement. Your rates won’t change until the date they’re scheduled to.