Integrating your online payment solution

Learn how to integrate NETBANX in partnership with Paysafe and look at the documentation to help you.


Following your account opening, you will received the technical specifications for interfacing with Paysafe-Desjardins and examples of implementing components to authenticate exchanges with us.

At the same time, Paysafe emails the merchant to request information to configure the payment server. Please fill it and return it to us by mail.

Paysafe provides a range of APIs to enable you to integrate your e-commerce website with the Paysafe payment platform. Visit the developer centre to obtain all the technical documentation. 

You can also sign in online for a test account.



Following your account opening, you will received a confirmation email for the test payment server configuration including the API security key and your access to the TEST control panel.  

You have at this stage all the required elements for conducting and validating your developments in the test environment.

This information will differ from your Production account.



This step is triggered upon receipt by Paysafe of an email from you requesting production deployment of your integration; the presence of complete and conclusive tests on the payment server is essential.

Production deployment can only be done after three successive successful payments have been carried out in the last seven days. A successful payment is a payment for which the authorization request was approved and for which the return is correctly processed.



You will also received a checklist for your integration. This list includes mandatory set ups from the payment networks and "Office de la protection du consommateur".


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