5 frequent questions about your « online solution »

What is Netbanx?

Netbanx is the name of Paysafe’s payments platform.  It refers to both the gateway technology and the Merchant Back Office

What is the difference between Paysafe and Netbanx?

Paysafe is the name of the company and Netbanx is the name of our technology or product (Paysafe > Netbanx).

Which shopping carts does Paysafe support?

Paysafe officially supports 3 shopping cart platforms: Magento 2.0, WooCommerce, NopCommerce. For more details on the supported shopping carts, consult the list.



Why do I have to provide my banking info via void check when opening an account with Paysafe?

For merchants using the Premium Package it is required that Paysafe holds your banking information in order to bill fees related to your processing. Paysafe will only bill applicable fees (transaction and monthly fee) while Desjardins will bill the discount fees.

Can I migrate existing card/payment data from another provider?

If a merchant has card or payment data stored with another payment provider, Paysafe can easily and securely migrate that data to our system, where we will tokenize it for their use.