Import invoices

Learn how to import invoices.

  1. Click on Import an invoice file link in the Invoice management section. 
  2. Click on Browse.
  3. Select the desired file from your computer.
  4. Click on Validate.
  5. For guidance purposes, the confirmation screen indicates the number of invoices to be created, modified, deleted, ignored as well as the total number of invoices in the file. Click on Confirm to continue the invoice file upload. 
  6. The summary screen displays the results of the import process.  


The invoice file upload screen contains the following information:


  • A reminder of the last import performed (date and result).
  • An upload template file link allowing the upload of an empty CSV file to act as a template for the import file. This file contains only the headings required for the import. These headings must never be modified.
  • The area to select the file to be imported (selected from your computer).
  • A quick description of the import file columns (column name, description and example).
  • The « Validate » and « Abandon » buttons.


Import file screen.


Please note that certain fields are optional. The associated column must not be deleted; just leave the cell empty. 


If there were errors detected, a second table lists all the errors encountered. Each error line indicates:


  • Line number
  • Reference
  • Error type: empty field, incorrectly formatted field, field length, unknown currency, existing invoice, non existent invoice, invoice paid or duplicate invoice
  • Field
  • Value


Please note that invoices having at least one error were not loaded into the system. To upload these missing invoices, the errors must be corrected and the import file resubmitted.


learn more

Payable Package User guide - Monetico Payment [PDF 2,7 MB]