Access to Payable site

01 Access to PAYABLE site

To inform your customer that they need to settle an invoice, you can send them an email containing all the ncessary information (invoice reference, customer number, …) and especially the address of the website to perform the transaction.

The address to be provided is: https://payable.monetico-services/your_mnemonic

Where « your_mnemonic » is replaced by the mnemonic that was sent to you upon signing of your contract.


02 Invoice search

By clicking on the link provided in the email, the customer is redirected to an invoice search page. There they simply enter the invoice reference and their customer reference.
These elements must have previously been communicated to the customer. 


Customer view - search an invoice


03 View an invoice

Upon clicking the « Search » button, if the invoice is found, the user is then redirected to a page that summarizes all the invoice information:

  • Invoice reference
  • Customer reference
  • Amount
  • Issue date
  • Customer last name
  • Customer first name
  • Customer email address
  • Customer address
  • Invoice description


Customer view invoice


04 Pay an invoice

Upon clicking the Confirm button, the customer is redirected to the page where they can pay the invoice.
This payment is a traditional online payment using a payment card.

Customer view - payment page