Understanding the Monetico Payment control panel

The purpose of the Control Panel is to enable you to view all the payments made on our payment platform and process the payments awaiting completion. This handy table gives you an overview of your payments.

Your online control panel provides 4 groups of functions:


  1. Transaction management: collection (partial, total, deferred), cancellation of a transaction or refund (partial or total). 
  2. History: list of transactions recorded over six rolling months, details of each transaction, downloading of history, view of declined transactions. 
  3. Configuration: daily activity reporting configuration, fraud prevention module configuration
  4. Transaction input: you directly enter orders from other channels (email or phone) with the virtual terminal. 



Visit the Frequent transactions section to learn how to make a purchase, cancel a transaction, provide a refund, view a transaction or stop a recurring payment

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Online control panel Guide [PDF 1,39 MB]