Payment modes

01 Payment phase description

If you are using the Monetico secure payment page, when your customer clicks on your ecommerce site Pay button, here what happens next:


  • The customer can always see your name and identifier and the transaction reference.

add your logo

You can customize payment pages with your logo (image of 120 pixels by 120 pixels maximum). Simply provide the URL of the downloadable GIF image, located on your server.


  • Your customer enters his payment card number, the expiry date and the security code on the back of his card, then clicks the « VALIDATE » button:
Monetico Payment page


  • After processing the payment, the page displays :
  1. A summary ticket containing the essential transaction information (amount, currency, date and time, authorization number) allowing the customer to have a record of the transaction (provided that they print it);
  2. A link (whose text is customizable) that allows the customer to return to your site .
Monetico Payment summary ticket

02 payment modes

  • Immediate payment (purchase): authorization request is made directly at order time; if the authorization is delivered, the payment is finalized immediately. In this mode, you cannot cancel the payment. This payment method is compatible with 3D Secure authentication.
  • Deferred payment (preauthorization): authorization request is made directly at order time ; but payment finalization not triggered automatically, it is deferred. It can be triggered at any time within a period that is configured between 0 and 7 working days. 


Preauthorization completion can be performed via your Control Panel or via the Capture web service.

You can also opt, if desired, for an automatic completion (performed by our servers) at the end of the deferral period. If this option is not enabled and you have not requested completion during the deferral period, then the payment request is cancelled and can no longer be completed.


  • Recurring payment: can reproduce an existing order at a given frequency (on a monthly basis).  You can configure: the renewal date, periodicity, maximum number of renewals and type of payment for each recurrence. 


These automatic actions are not performed on the first monthly instalment that is subject to a manual processing by you. You can stop recurrence of an order at any time via your Control Panel or the Capture web service.


  • Express payment: this option facilitates the payment process for the customer to the maximum. Its principle is to associate the customer’s payment card data with a unique alias that you provide to us. During subsequent payments, the customer will have to enter only the verification code that appears on the back of their card. 


This option is available only for the modes of immediate payment