Getting started with Monetico Payment

Thank you for choosing Monetico Payment as your online payment solution. You’ll find all the information you need below to use our payment gateway.

Next steps once you completed your registration:


  1. You’ll receive a welcome email from containing all the information you need for your
  2. To access the online control panel and virtual terminal, you’ll need your login and password, which you’ll receive in another email. Please note that your login information will only be sent to you. It’s therefore your responsibility to forward it to your integrator.
  3. If your company profile includes several administrators, we suggest you designate one person who will save and distribute login information as needed. Otherwise, all account administrators will receive everyone’s login and password.
  4. During the setup process, we’ll email you an integration guide and a user guide for the control panel. Forward the integration guide to
    your integrator; it will help them integrate your e-store into our payment gateway.
  5. Once your e-store has been integrated into our payment gateway, your integrator must conduct three successful transaction tests. After that, you’ll be ready to accept payments through your e-store.


You will receive an email asking you to send us a return URL. All merchants receive this request. If you are only using a virtual
terminal, you can ignore it. Information about the return URL can be found in your integration guide.