All about your Monetico Payment solution

Monetico Payment is a solution that enables your customers to pay you by card, on your Website. As a virtual electronic payment terminal (EPT), it adapts as easily to a small online business as to a major e-commerce site.

The Monetico Payment solution is easily integrated in your website, regardless of its configuration. Your customers’ card payments are processed and recorded for you by this solution.

The different steps during a payment.

You receive immediate information on your server after each payment made on our platform, notifying you whether the payment succeeded or failed. In addition, we can also email you the result of the payment. 


The solution includes different environments:


01 integration

To learn how to integrate to Monetico Payment, visit the Integrating your solution page. 


02 payment page

You can use the Monetico payment page and you can also customize it to your brand

Monetico Payment page


03 online control panel

Visit the Online control panel section to learn how to use it.

Tableau de bord Monetico Paiement