5 frequent questions about « Monetico payment »

In which softwares our online payment solution is available?

The list of softwares is available in the Partners and developers section.

Can the payment page be customized?

Yes. The payment page customization feature enables the merchant to change the appearance of the payment page, for example by applying the colours of their own company. For more info, read the Customizing your payment page section.

Can a payment be refunded?

The function is available from the merchant Control Panel. Check out the video for more info.

How do I display my logo on your payment page?

You must send an email to our support centre with the URL of an image of your logo. The image must be in GIF format, with a size of 120 pixels x 120 pixels.

What is the summary file?

The summary file contains a summary of your EPT’s activity, and is sent to you on a regular basis by email or FTP.