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Monetico Payment Overview

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  • Présentation
  • Terminology
  • 2.2 Payment networks, languages, currencies
  • Payment phase description
  • Tableau de bord et terminal virtuel
  • Payment modes
  • Express payment option
  • Protocole
  • 2.2. Interfacing merchant server/ payment server
  • Installation of the solution
  • Payment server URLs
Classic Package


Monetico Payment is a solution that enables your customers to pay you by payment card, on your internet site. As a virtual electronic payment terminal (EPT), it adapts as easily to a small online business as to an international e-commerce site operating in multiple languages and currencies.  
This service relieves your site of responsibility for the entire payment phase that is handled by the secure Monetico payment server.
The payment server performs the online shopper’s payment card validity verification before granting authorization for payment and automatically confirms the payment request result to the merchant server.
The security elements of exchanges implemented as part of the secure payment service are as follows:
  • Integrity of data exchanged between the merchant server and the Monetico server provided by a seal,
  • Authentication of the merchant issuing the  payment request,
  • Confidentiality of data exchanged between the online shopper and the Monetico payment server (payment card number, expiry date and  visual  cryptogram) provided by TLS encryption,
  • Direct entry of Payment card details on the Monetico secure site, ensuring that neither the merchant, nor any technical intermediary, will have knowledge of payment card information,
  • Native integration of the Visa 3D Secure / MasterCard Secure Code feature, which allows Monetico to ensure payment in countries where the solution is deployed.
Ever since its introduction, our payment solution provides the highest level of security that is ensured through regular audits by independent firms.  
Moreover, the use of an « Open Source » solution provides complete and transparent control. You can thus set up your own preferences and see for yourself the security level of our solution. This will also allow you to be constantly up to date by including in your solution the latest security updates available.


The Monetico Payment solution is easily integrated in your website, regardless of its configuration. Your customers’ card payments are processed and recorded for you by this solution.


 Checks are particularly based on:

  • validity of the card number
  • visual  cryptogram
  • expiry date of the card
  • the exceptions file
  • card balance
  • cardholder identify 


You receive immediate information on your server after each payment made on our platform, notifying you whether the payment succeeded or failed. In addition, we can also email you the result of the payment. 

Contact us for more information or if you'd like to get a Monetico payment solution