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Monetico Payment Integration Guide Emulation

Classic Package

The objective of this document is to present the technical aspects of integrating the Monetico Payment online solution in emulation mode (without redirection) with your
merchant website.

The objective of the VEPT (Virtual Electronic Payment Terminal) online emulation service is to allow merchants to securely process online payment transactions. The Monetico payment server validates the payment card information, authorizes the payment and automatically returns the authorization result to the merchant’s application.

The merchant’s application dialogs directly with the Monetico payment server. Messages are exchanged in secure mode (TLS encryption) thus ensuring the confidentiality of the information provided by the merchant. 

In order to certify the data exchanged, a seal is calculated on all the data sent by the merchant to the Monetico server using a standard function (IETF RFC2104). This seal is integrated in the data provided and verified by our servers for every payment.

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