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Frequently asked questions Monetico Payment

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The FAQ is available by clicking « FAQ » in the « Help Centre » block of the Merchant Control Panel home page.

In which softwares Monetico Payment is available?

The list of softwares is available in the Partners section

What is the EPT selection block used for?

The EPT selection block displays a drop-down list containing all the EPTs that you can manage with your user ID. Thus, you can select a particular EPT with which you
want to work, or work on all EPTs simultaneously by selecting the All EPTs option.

What is the summary file?

The summary file contains a summary of your EPT’s activity, and is sent to you on a regular basis by email or FTP.

Where is the refund function located on the Control Panel?

The refund function is available on the payment details page, in the completions table. However, this function requires special rights and not all users have access to

Can the payment page be customized?

Yes. The payment page customization feature enables the merchant to change the appearance of the payment page, for example by applying the colours of their own company. For more info: Payment page Customization Guide

How do I display my logo on your payment page?

You must send an email to the support centre ( with the URL of an image of your logo. The image must be in GIF format, with a size of 120 pixels x 120 pixels.

What is the maximum time available to my customer for making the payment (entering the card number) after placing an order on my website?

The online shopper has 45 minutes from the time they arrive on the payment page to enter their credit card information. After that time, any entries will be declined.

What is the number of attempts for entering the card number?

The maximum number of attempts for a payment is four.

Where can I find the card numbers for testing?

On the payment page, you will see a flashing TEST icon. Clicking it will open a window showing different test card numbers. Then just select one of them and the payment page form will be filled in automatically.
You have several test cards available to you:
Two 16-digit PAN cards - one for an accepted payment and one for a declined payment
Two 15-digit PAN cards (foreign cards) using the same principle

Which are the languages supported by the payment page?


Can I be informed by email of every payment request?

Notification can be sent by email every time an authorization request is made (an authorization request is made if the card number format is validated). Ask the support centre ( to activate the option.

How can I find out the name and address of cardholders?

We do not have any information about the buyer's details on our payment server. The customer only enters the information about their credit card (number, expiry date and card verification number). Our payment solution does not provide a facility for the merchant to send us information about the customer. We do not provide any means to infer the cardholder’s identity from the card information.

Can a payment be refunded?

The function is available from the merchant Control Panel.


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