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Paysafe Integration guide - Hosted API

The Paysafe Hosted Payments API is a RESTful interface for making secure payments by way of your e-commerce site. The REST API works with JSON messages and responses. • With the...
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Paysafe Integration guide - Web Services API

Web Services are a technology that allows applications to communicate with each other in a platform and programming language independent manner. A Web Service is a software...
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Paysafe Errors Troubleshooting

This error troubleshooting guide has two sections: 1. A summary of the most commonly occurring errors This section provides an overview of only the errors you are most likely to encounter....
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Paysafe Back Office Guide

Welcome to the NETBANX merchant back office. Our versatile user interface is easy to use, from running reports to processing transaction requests. Just navigate the tabs on any of the back...
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Frequently asked questions Monetico Payment

The FAQ is available by clicking « FAQ » in the « Help Centre » block of the Merchant Control Panel home page. In which softwares Monetico Payment is available? The list of softwares is...
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Monetico Payment - Code examples

Code examples to integrate Monetico Payment payment gateway. Code examples
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Monetico Payment Control Panel Guide

The purpose of the Control Panel is to enable you to view all the payments made on our payment platform and process the payments awaiting completion.
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Fraud Prevention Module guide Monetico Payment

To access the Fraud Prevention Module, just click the link on the home page of your control panel. The Fraud Prevention Module will allow you to define filters. Each filter you...
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Integration guide Monetico Payment

The objective of this document is to present the technical aspects of integrating the Monetico Payment online payment solution with your merchant website. This document is intended for the...