A new Monetico Mobile + app just for you!

Sep 04, 2018

We have upgraded the Monetico Mobile + app

Download the new app as of October 23rd from the App Store for Apple and Play Store for Android.

Search : Monetico Mobile + Desjardins

You’ll notice new screens for quick sales, shortcuts to help you be more efficient in your transactions and a help section.

New screens of the Monetico Mobile + Desjardins app

We will migrate the account of the actual users avec the Monetico Mobile + app between October 23rd and November 30th.

You can download the new application now—but don’t get rid of the old one until your account has been migrated. 


How will you know that you are migrated? 

The old app will automatically redirect to the new app or the Store depending on the application version you’re currently using. 


 Here are the steps to follow after migration

  1. The old app will automatically redirect to the new app ;
  2. Login with the same information as before ;
  3. Verify that your transaction history has been transferred to the new app ;
  4. Delete the old app from your device.

For merchants that connect via a website 

Please note that the URL will change to desjardins-admin-en.moneticomobileplus.ca after your migration. Make sure to save it in your favorites!