Relief measures for merchants

Mar 19, 2020

Right now, your health and safety are our top priority. We know there's a lot going on, but we're committed to keeping you informed and giving you the support you need.


COVID-19 : Desjardins is here for members and clients

Desjardins will continue to follow government recommendations and continue to act responsibly to slow the spread of the virus.



Please note that a temporary increase of the contactless limit ($100 to $250) for credit card has been applied to all Desjardins merchants. The limit has also been increased to $250 for all Desjardins debit card holders.

Additional measures for businesses 

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01 Frequently asked questions

What will be the impacts on merchant services and Accord D financing? 

For now, we don’t anticipate any impacts to our merchant services and will continue to ensure support for our merchants. However, Desjardins will now proceed with terminal installations and removals by mail in order to limit movements. 

Where roles permit, employees are working from home and additional preventative measures have been put in place for those who need to go to their place of work. Furthermore, employees exhibiting symptoms or who have recently travelled must remain at home. Desjardins is following this situation very closely and will adapt its measures if needed in order to limit all impacts to merchants. 


Is technical support still available from Desjardins? 

Yes, technical support remains available by phone or in person if necessary with our regular operating hours.  Please note that many incidents can be handled over the phone and we will prioritize this as much as possible during this time. 


Are there any impacts on terminal installations and removals?

Desjardins will now handle terminal installations and removals by mail only, in order to limit movements. Technicians will only be sent on site if absolutely necessary. 


What measures are being taken by technicians regarding COVID-19?

We are working to ensure the health and safety of the public and our team members in accordance with all public safety guidelines. If ever your incident requires a technician be onsite, rest assured that additional sanitation measures have been put in place. In addition, technicians returning from abroad or feeling unwell have been instructed to stay at home for the recommended time period. Some additional measures have also been put in place such as specific questions about the merchant’s location, in order to help ensure there is no risk in sending a technician onsite.


What measures do merchants need to take?

  • We recommend that you clean and disinfect your payment terminals more often. 

Before cleaning the terminal ensure the power is off. Do not spray or pour cleaning liquid directly on the terminal. Do not use abrasive cleaners; they can destroy the plastic and cause serious damage to the terminal.  If you allow any liquid to enter inside the case, serious damage to the device may result. Do not clean the electrical connectors. Cleaning liquid must be applied on a soft cloth and must dry within one minute. If it does not, wipe the excess with a soft cloth. We also recommend using disinfecting wipes.

  • Regularly clean your equipment such as your payment terminals, keyboards, cash registers, etc.
  • Tell your employees not to handle your customers' payment cards, if the situation allows it.
  • Activate contactless payments acceptance on your terminal, if it is not already done, and invite your customers to use contactless, if possible.

protecting your terminals

Quick reference guide [PDF]

Why promote the use of contactless?

Contactless payments are secure and practical as they help :

  • Reduce wait times by increasing speed of payment at the cash
  • Reduce contact between employees and customers
  • Reduce contact between customers and the payment terminal.


Is contactless secure? 

Yes, contactless payments are as secure as when the chip is inserted in the terminal and the PIN is entered. Therefore, you will be just as protected as if your client had inserted his card. 



Due to the significant increase in demand in the past weeks, it is no longer possible to order a Nomad iWL250 or a Entourage iWL220 terminal.


We’re here for you during this difficult time.
Thank you for your understanding and trust.