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Printer Monetico Mobile +

Monetico Mobile +

Setting up your mini Bluetooth printer for Monetico Mobile +


*Please remove the adhesive tab on the battery to allow charging

iOS and Android configuration

Turn on your printer (hold the Power button for 5 seconds and make sure that the blue light is on)

  1. Connect on your Monetico Mobile + app
  2. Go to the Menu in the top left corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Advanced Settings
  5. Select External printer
  6. Select PINPRI(1) (iOS) or PINPRI (Android)
  7. Save

Test the printer

  1. Return to the home screen
  2. Go to Quotes and invoices
  3. Select an invoice
  4. Go to Payment history, and press and hold the transaction to print the receipt
  5. Select Customer copy
  6. Send receipt
  7. Select receipt, Print (iOS) or BT Printer (Android)
  8. Send

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