Viewing a transaction on Monetico Mobile

Every transaction you carry out contains its own batch of important information. Increase operational efficiency and improve customer service by learning to interpret this information.


01 Accessing the menu

The icon in the upper left corner provides access to the menu from the payment screen.


02 Transaction list

Tapping the TRANSACTIONS button displays the screen that lists all transactions, regardless of status, carried out on the account (all devices combined).

Transactions are displayed in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest.


03 Transaction records

  • To view the details of a given transaction, tap the transaction label, and a new screen will open displaying the transaction location, status, and amount, and some information about the card used. 
  • Three buttons allow you to return to the transaction list page, email the transaction records or refund the transaction.


04 Sending transaction details (receipts)

The app allows you to send the transaction records to a customer to provide them with additional information about the transaction or to confirm a refund.

  • To send the transaction record, go to the Transaction records page and tap the button. 
  • You will be redirected to the customer email address/telephone number input page. 
  • A confirmation screen containing a partial summary of the transaction information will open.

Download the Monetico mobile user guide

MM User guide [PDF 5886 Ko]

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