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01  Keypad overview

Monetico Mobile Keypad


  • The screen is continually lit while the Monetico Mobile keypad is in use.
  • The battery charge level is displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • The Bluetooth activation is displayed at the top left via the BT icon.


  • The keypad is similar to that of a traditional payment terminal and is only used to enter the payment car PIN at the time of the transaction.

This button is used to CANCEL the transaction prior to PIN validation. (Remove the payment card).

This button is used to CORRECT the last digit entered.

This button is used to CONFIRM the PIN entry.

These keys are used when the credit card contains multiple applications and the cardholder must select the app to use (e.g., debit or credit). Use the arrow keys to choose the app and the button to select it.

02  Accessing the menu

The iconThe icon in the upper left corner provides access to the menu from the payment screen.


To make a payment enter an amount using the numeric keypad displayed onscreen.Then, you can process the transaction immediately by pressing the PAY button.


Tapping the TRANSACTIONS button displays the screen that lists all transactions, regardless of status, carried out on the account (all devices combined). Transactions are displayed in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest.


The profile zone lets you view and edit your company information, including the information that will appear on transaction records.


The help tab contains information and tutorials on how to use the app.

Download the Monetico mobile user guide

MM User guide [PDF 5886 Ko]

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