Setting up your terminal

The Monetico Mobile keypad is used to accept secure card payments, and is connected to your smart device via Bluetooth.


01 screen

  • The screen is lit up whenever the Monetico Mobile keypad is in use.
  • The battery charge level is displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • The BT icon will appear in the top left when Bluetooth is activated.


02 keypad

The keypad resembles a traditional payment terminal. Customers only use it to enter their PIN.

This button is used to CANCEL the transaction prior to PIN validation (remove the payment card). 

This button is used to CORRECT the last digit(s) entered.

This button is used to CONFIRM the PIN entry.


03 starting up your keypad

Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the left side for a few seconds. When it beeps, that means it’s ready to go.

Once the keypad is started up, the following screens will appear (in order):

  • The Monetico Mobile logo
  • “Bluetooth OK” when it is ready to be linked to a mobile device
  • “Connection” once it’s connected to a mobile device
  • “Waiting” when it’s ready to use

To turn off the keypad, press the ON/OFF button.


04 using the keypad

  • This keypad requires 2 AAA batteries. Depending on your batteries and how you use the keypad, each set of batteries should be good for around 400 transactions.
  • The keypad needs to be less than 10 metres away from your smart device to work.
  • To save battery power, the keypad automatically shuts off after 4 minutes and 15 seconds of inactivity.
  • If your batteries are low, a warning message will be displayed when the keypad is started up, and the keypad will shut down to prevent it from shutting down during a transaction.
  • To replace the batteries, turn the keypad off, then turn it over. Press the two plastic cover latches to lift the cover.


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