Setting up your terminal

The keypad is used to accept secure card payments, and isconnected to the smart device via Bluetooth.


01 screen

  • The screen is continually lit while the Monetico Mobile keypad is in use.
  • The battery charge level is displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • The Bluetooth activation is displayed at the top left via the BT icon.


02 keypad

The keypad is similar to that of a traditional payment terminal and is only used to enter the payment car PIN at the time of the transaction.

This bouton is used to CANCEL the transaction prior to PIN validation (remove the payment card). carte de paiement).

This button is used to CORRECT the last digit entered.

This button is used to CONFIRM the PIN entry.


03 starting up the keypad

A few seconds after pushing the ON/OFF button on the left side, the keypad will make a hp noise. It is now working.

When the keypad is started up, it successively displays the following messages:

  • The Monetico Mobile logo
  • Bluetooth OK when it is ready to be associated to a mobile device.
  • Connection when associated with a smartphone
  • Waiting when the keypad is ready for use. To turn off the keypad, press the ON/OFF button.

To turn off the keypad, press the ON/OFF button.


04 using the keypad

  • The keypad works on 2 AAA batteries. Depending on the batteries and keypad use, you should be able to perform approximately 400 transactions on one set of batteries.
  • To work properly, the keypad must be located less than 10 metres from the smart device.
  • To increase battery life, the keypad automatically turns off when not in use for more than 4 minutes and 15 seconds.
  • When the battery level is low, a security function displays a warning message at start-up and then turns the keypad off in order to reduce the risk of it shutting down during a transaction.
  • To replace the batteries, turn off the keypad then turn it over. Press the two plastic cover latches to lift the cover.