Providing a refund

In the current version of the app, a transaction can only be refunded in full.

  1. To refund a transaction, go to the transaction record screen. (Menu > Transactions > Select the transaction).
  2. In the transaction record, press the button (Android) or(Apple). The refund confirmation screen will then open.
  3. On this screen, choose the reason for the refund. 


  4. To confirm the refund, tap on REFUND THE TRANSACTION.
  5. To validate the refund, enter your password (same as your login password).
  6. When the right password is entered, the app will issue the refund and open the successful transaction screen.
  7. Three failed attempts to enter a valid password will cancel the refund process.



Once the refund has been issued, its status is updated in the transactions list and on the transaction record. If the refund could not be processed ( * e.g., data network unavailable), you will be redirected to the transaction fail screen.

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