Providing a refund on Mobile

01 from a mobile device

Issuing a refund using your mobile device

  1. Go to “Invoices”
  2. Select the transaction to refund
  3. Go to “Payment history” and tap once on the white bar to open “Admin functions”
  4. Select “Refund”, enter the refund amount and follow the instructions on the keypad.


02 on your computer through the control panel

  1. Go to “Invoices”
  2. Click “Invoices”
  3. Click the invoice number that you want to refund
  4. Check off the transaction box to display more icons;
  5. Click this icon 
  6. Enter the refund amount in the window that opens
  7. Click “Refund” again.


Refunds made on the control panel only apply to transactions other than debit / credit. For example, checks or cash. Refunds for credit or debit card transactions must be made in person using the Icmp keypad and the customer card.


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