Pairing your mobile device with the Monetico Mobile keypad

This step associates the keypad with your smart device in three steps the first time you log in.

01 bluetooth verification

Once you’ve changed your password on your first login, you’ll be redirected to the keypad setup (pairing) page, and the app will make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device.

  • If you see a green circle next to “Bluetooth status,” this means that Bluetooth is enabled and the app will continue the pairing process. 
Setting up the keypad - Bluetooth activated
  • If you see a red circle, Bluetooth is not enabled. You will need to activate Bluetooth on your device before the app can move on to the next step.


02 keypad search

The app will search for a nearby Monetico Mobile keypad and pair it with your smart device. Tap the image in the middle of the screen and the app will connect automatically.


03 confirmation

The setup confirmation screen will display for a few seconds, and then you’ll be brought to the payment screen. The keypad will say “Waiting.”


The keypad is ready to use!


You can cancel the setup procedure at any point—just tap the SKIP button in the top left. But remember: you won’t be able to accept payments until the setup is complete (you can find the option in the Settings menu).


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