Pairing your IOS mobile device with the iCMP keypad

This step associates the keypad with your smart device the first time you log in

01 Make sure your mobile device is discoverable

  1. Go to your mobile device’s settings
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Make sure your mobile device is visible.


02 search for Bluetooth on the keypad

  1. Turn on the keypad (button on the right side)
  2. Press the yellow key and enter "0" for the code
  3. Press F1 to access the MENU
  4. Select CONFIGURATION and press the green key
  5. Select TERM CONFIG and press the green key
  6. Press F2 to scroll down to MOBILITY and press the green key
  7. Select ASSOCIATION and press the green key
  8. Press F2 to select COMPANION iOS and press the green key
  9. New pairing? Press F4 to confirm the new pairing.


03 Select the keypad in the list on your mobile device

Make sure the device numbers match. They should start with ICMP and then the last 8 digits of the series number.


04Confirm the pairing on your mobile device

A message will appear on both the mobile device and the keypad with a confirmation number. If the numbers match, tap OK on the mobile device. If they don’t match, tap Cancel.


05 Check the messages

Check the messages on the keypad and the mobile device to confirm that the pairing was successful.



iOS13 updates require all applications using Bluetooth technology to get your permission. You may get a pop-up the next time you log in asking you to authorize the Monetico app so it can connect to the keypad.



Check that the Monetico app is allowed in the settings of your mobile device.

To allow the Monetico app to use the Bluetooth connection :

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Click Bluetooth Sharing
  4. Authorize the Monetico app


Download the startup guide

Keypad startup guide [PDF 1,8 MB]

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