Pair your mobile device with the keypad

This step associates the keypad with the smart device in three steps the first time you log in.

01 bluetooth verification

The application verifies that Bluetooth is activated on your telephone. The result is displayed in the form of a logo: green logo when bluetooth is activated and red logo if deactivated. 

  • If Bluetooth is activated, the application will automatically go to the following step to continue the pairing.
Setting up the keypad - Bluetooth activated
  • If Bluetooth is deactivated on the smart device. You must activate the Bluetooth; once it has been activated, the app will automatically detect it and go to
    the next step.


02 keypad search

The app searches for a nearby Monetico Mobile keypad and associates it with the smart device. Tap the logo in the middle of the screen and the app will make the connection automatically.


03 confirmation

You will be redirected to the setup confirmation screen for a few seconds, then to the payment screen. The keypad will display the “Waiting” message.


The keypad is ready to use!


At any time during this procedure, you may skip the setup using the SKIP button located at the top left of the screen. However, you must complete the setup in order to perform transactions (the option is accessible via the Settings menu).


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