Making a purchase

From the payment page: 

  1. Enter an amount using the numeric keypad displayed onscreen. A button allows you to correct the entry.
  2. The amount entered is displayed in the amount field onscreen. You can process the transaction immediately by pressing the PAY button or enter the following information that will appear on the receipt:
    1. Photo or image (e.g., of the product sold)
    2. Transaction description (product or service name)
  3. The transaction is initiated once the PAY button is pressed. The app waits for the customer to insert their card. The keypad displays INSERT CARD.
  4. The keypad reads the card information. It displays the transaction amount andprompts the customer to enter their PIN.
  5. Once the transaction is approve, the keypad displays the message PAYMENT APPROVED REMOVE CARD.
  6. If the user chose to have the receipt sent by email, a screen prompts you to enter the customer’s email address. If the address format is correct, a green icon is displayed.
  7. Transaction declined : If the transaction is declined, the reason for the error will be displayed in the red banner.


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