Glossary for Mobile solution

A glossary to help you understand the terms related to your payment solution

  • Bluetooth : wireless data exchange protocol between two devices equipped with this technology. Before the devices can communicate with each other, they must be paired (linked together). In order to communicate properly, the two devices must be located less than 10 metres from each other, without any obstacles between them. Go to your device’s Settings menu to activate Bluetooth service.
  • Keypad : secure standalone chip card reader. In order for it to work, you must connect it to your smart device. At payment time, your customer inserts their credit card into the keypad and enters their PIN to validate the payment. Contactless payments are also supported.
  • Authorization : action taken by the keypad once the PIN is validated by the banking servers.
  • User ID : unique code that lets you securely log in to the Monetico app and the online control panel. Desjardins sends it to you once your account is activated. You’ll only need to enter it the first time you launch to the app or if you change users on the same device.
  • Password : once you’ve signed up for Mobile, Desjardins sends you a confidential password that you can use to log in to the mobile app, make transactions and view reports.
  • Online control panel : web-based application that lets you view your purchase transactions and provide refunds. It also lets you assign user IDs and passwords to whomever you choose and export transaction data.


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