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01  The solution

With this payment solution, you can now accept credit card payments securely using your mobile device and a keypad.

The Monetico Mobile solution includes a keyboard, a mobile application and a dashboard.


02  The keypad 

Monetico Mobile keypad

The Monetico Mobile keypad is a secure standalone chip card reader. In order to work, it has to be connected to a compatible mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

  • The keypad works on 2 AAA batteries. Depending on the batteries and keypad use, you should be able to perform approximately 400 transactions on one set of batteries.
  • To work properly, the keypad must be located less than 10 metres from the smart device.
  • To increase battery life, the keypad automatically turns off when not in use for more than 4 minutes and 15 seconds.
  • When the battery level is low, a security function displays a warning message at start-up and then turns the keypad off in order to reduce the risk of it shutting down during a transaction.
  • To replace the batteries, turn off the keypad then turn it over. Press the two plastic cover latches to lift the cover.

Download the Monetico mobile user guide

MM User guide [PDF 5886 Ko]

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