Mobile + solution menus

Here is the detail of the menu of the mobile application:

01 Transactions

When you select Transactions, a list of all the transactions that you’ve completed using the web or mobile platforms appears.


02 products and services

The products and services option let you access your catalogue. By creating a catalogue entry for each of your products and services, you’ll be able to prepare quotes and invoices faster. 


03 customers

The Customers page contains a list of every contact in the application. You can categorize your contacts as individuals or businesses when you create them.
To add a new customer select the + button. 


04 suppliers

This option lets you see a list of all your service providers.


05 REports

The Reports section provides a summary of your business activities and contains management reports so you can get a clear picture of where you stand in minutes.


06 Settings

Select Settings to access your application settings. This is where you can change things like the taxes you charge, display language and more. It’s divided into four sub-menus:

  • Merchant settings
  • Keypad settings
  • Default settings
  • Advanced settings

The Merchant settings option displays four sub-menus where you can change your user profile or password. You can also create additional usernames and passwords so others can access the app on the same account. These options are described on the following pages.

Merchant parameters

Merchant profile : Select this option to display the Merchant profile and make changes. Select Save to save the changes.

Adding a user : Select Add user to enter and save information about a new user, including creating a username and password for them on the same account so they can use the service.

Changing your password : Select Change Password to change your password.

Keypad settings

Through the Keypad settings menu you can connect the mobile device with the keypad, see batch totals, close batches, see the list of transactions completed on the mobile device and more.

Initialization : Use this to configure your keypad settings.

Batch total : This option will give you the total for the current batch on the keypad connected to your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Batch closure: This option sends a request to the keypad to close the batch. You should close the batch at the end of each day.

Transaction list : This option displays the list of transactions processed on the keypad.

Terminal status : This option displays the status of the keypad.

Reprint last transaction : This option will reprint the last transaction processed by the keypad.

Default settings

Select Default settings to access options that you can set as defaults: taxes, quote validity period, terms and conditions, and interface language.

Taxes : Select Tax Groups to choose the provincial and federal taxes that apply to you.

Default quote validity period : In the Default quote validity period section, you can use the + and – buttons to change the default length of time your quotes are valid.

Terms and conditions : This is where you can change the Default terms and conditions for your sales. This content will appear on all your quotes and invoices. Simply enter the text you’d like to appear and then Save the new terms and conditions.

Interface language : This is where you can set your Interface language to English or French. Simply select your choice and then Save.

Business taxes number : Select Business taxes number to get to a screen where you can enter your tax registration numbers.

Advanced settings

Through the Advanced Settings menu you can select a printer for the keypad, send a keypad log for troubleshooting, or import contacts.

External printer : Select External printer to display a list of printers associated with your mobile device, select a default printer and Save.

Import contacts : Select Import contacts to display your list of contacts. Select the contact(s) you’d like to import and then select Add. You can also deselect all displayed contacts.


07 help

The Help section contains topics that help you find the explanations you need for the most requested topics.


08 logging out

When you select Log out, you’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to log out. If you select OK, you’ll be logged out. If you select Cancel, the logout process will be cancelled.

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