Setting up your Mobile + terminal

The Mobile + keypad (iCMP) is a secure standalone chip card reader. 

In order to work, it has to be connected to a compatible mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth connection.



  1. Magnetic stripe reader
  2. Power-on button
  3. Green key to confirm input data or messages
  4. Yellow key to correct invalid data
  5. Red key to cancel the current function and return to the menu
  6. F key to enter letters and special characters
  7. Chip card reader
  8. F1 : Access configuration menu. F2 : Scroll down. F3 : scroll up.
  9. Display screen / Contactless reading area



The ICMP terminal is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The battery will last for about 72 hours in standby mode or up to 50 transactions.

The battery is only recharged when the terminal is connected to a power source via the USB cable supplied for this purpose. No other battery can be used.

Upon terminal installation, the battery will already have been fully charged. Subsequent recharges will require two hours to fully charge the battery. Make sure you connect the terminal at the end of each day or if you plan not to use the terminal for a long period of time so that your terminal will always be ready to use.


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