Making a purchase on Mobile +

To accept a credit or debit card payment, go to the Quick Sale screen and make sure your keypad is paired with your mobile device–the Bluetooth button in the upper right corner should be on.

Then choose the Cards option to see the available payment options.

Once you’ve entered all the sale information, hand the keypad to your customer so they can insert their card, confirm the amount, and enter their PIN. For contactless payments, customers can simply tap their card on the top of the keypad. Once this step is completed, you can send the receipt by email or SMS.


  1. Keypad statusThe green check mark indicates that the keypad is connected
  2. Payment methodThe available payment methods on your mobile solution are: Cards (credit, debit, gift cards), Cash, Cheque and Other. 
  3. TaxChoose the tax percentage to apply to the sale. The defaut tax option can be changed in your default settings.
  4. CustomerChoose a customer from a list of existing customers or create a new profile. 
  5. Comments Allows you to add a comment that will appear on your customer's invoice.

01 Quick sales

The Quick Sale feature was designed to process payments easily, without having to specify products or services. For example, you could use this for the occasional sale of products or services that aren’t in your catalogue.

  1. From the SALES screen, enter the amount of the sale before taxes.
  2. You can then choose to immediately complete the transaction by pressing the PAY button or to change certain sales options by pressing the OPTIONS tab.
  3. On the OPTIONS tab, simply select the customer, then enter the pre-tax sale amount and select the tax percentage and payment method. To finalize the sale, select Pay. 
  4. If the payment method chosen is Cards, the application will send a signal to the keypad. Make sure it is connected properly.
  5. The Sale summary or send a receipt will appear next.
  6. When you select Send a receipt, you’ll be asked to enter a valid email address to send it by email, or a valid cell phone number for the SMS/MMS option, or to select a printer to print the receipt.


02 Creating a quote or invoice

The Quotes tab allows you to view current quotes or create new quotes that can be printed or emailed to your customers.

  1. Select the + button on the Quotes screen to create a New Quote.
  2. Select an existing customer from the list, then search for products or services or add new products or services.
  3. The New Quote screen also gives a running total for items added to the quote. To display the Quote Details screen, simply select Balance on your mobile device or Preview on the web version.
  4. The Quote Details screen will display options to view, save or pay the quote. If you select View, the Quote Details screen will appear with all the details of the quote.
  5. If you tap Save in the mobile app, the options Save and send by email, Save Draft and Approve, as well as an option to set the expiry date, will appear on your mobile device.
    1. The Save and Email option, will send the quote via email and text message (SMS), according to the information provided in the customer contact information. Once the quote is submitted, the Quote Details screen appears on the screen. The Approvequote and Pay options will appear on the screen. By approving the quote, it will automatically become an invoice that can be paid now or later. By pressing the Pay button, a window will appear allowing you to specify the payment method.

    2. The Draft option allows you to save the quote for later editing.

    3. The pay option will bring up a window allowing you to indicate the method of payment. To make a payment using a credit or debit card, make sure your iCMP keyboard is connected to your mobile device.


Mobile solutions user guide [PDF 3,5 MB]

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