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Can I change the password sent to me via email?

Yes.  The first time you log in, the screen to change your password will automatically appear. You can also change your password again later.

What is Bluetooth? How do I activate Bluetooth on my mobile device?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that works within a 10-metre range of your mobile device. You can activate Bluetooth through the Settings menu in your device.

What is the Desjardins Billing and Expense Tracker ?

Mobile + also includes the Desjardins Billing and Expense Tracker. It lets you create quotes, generate invoices, track expenses, manage clients and suppliers, produce a catalogue of products and services, and access advanced reports. This tool is available on your mobile device or through an online portal on your computer. 

What is the battery life for the keypad?

The battery life is about 72 hours in sleep mode or up to 50 transactions.

Is card data stored in my mobile device?

No. No data or other information is stored in your mobile device or in the keypad.