Migration complete

Here’s some information about the migration process for your payment solution


Congrats! You’re now officially a Global Payments merchant! 


There are just a few more steps to complete the migration process: 

  • Make sure you return your Monetico payment terminal

A Desjardins advisor will contact you and explain how to return your old payment terminals. 

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded your most recent reports and statements from the Monetico Portal

Your Desjardins merchant reports will not be transferred to the Global Payments portal. For more information, please visit our page on this topic


useful information 


Don’t worry—Global Payments will honour your current rates during the transfer to your new solution. The rates in your agreement will stay the same once the migration process is complete, but will be subject to any changes that we’ve sent to you in writing in January 2021.

Because some of the fees charged for your payment solution are based on the transactions you made, you might receive two bills for the migration period. Desjardins will charge you for the fees associated with the transactions you made using your Monetico terminal before it was replaced. Global Payments will bill you for everything else: your monthly and administrative fees, and the fees for any transactions you made using your new terminal. 

For example: 
On March 15, a Global Payments technician comes to install your new terminal and disconnect your old one. 
At the end of March, you’ll receive 2 bills. Desjardins will charge you for the transactions you made using your Monetico terminal from March 1 to 15. Global Payments will send you a bill that includes your monthly and administrative fees, as well as the fees for the transactions you made with your Global Payments terminal between March 15 and March 31. 


Need help?

Once your migration is complete, Global Payments will answer any questions that you have. You can contact their customer service department at 1-800-599-6491. 



Contact Desjardins Business Customer Service in the following situations: 

  • Your transaction history and account statements aren’t on the Monetico Portal
  • You’ve received a notice of chargeback from Desjardins
  • You have questions about your Accord D financing service.