Making a purchase on invoicing

01 make a remote payment from the online control panel

To accept a credit card payment from a customer, you must create an invoice and send it to them. They will receive an email and/or a text message with a link to a secure website, where they can pay the invoice.

From the online control panel

  1. Go to the Products or Services tab.
  2. Click " + invoice" , the new Invoice screen will appear.
  3. Select the Products or Services tab and press " + item" to add a new product or service to your invoice. To add a new product or service to your catalogue, press " + product or service". Fill out the window that opens and press Save and use to add the product or service to your catalogue.
  4. Once the customer and the products/services have been selected, press Send. 
  5. A screen will appear on the screen to let you modify the information provided in the customer record if needed. 
  6. Press Send to send the invoice to your customer.
  • Your customer will be sent the invoice and a link to a secure payment page. 
  • Your customer will have to select Process Invoice to be sent to the invoice page. From there the customer can then press Pay invoice. 
  • The customer will then be sent to an online payment page to finalize the transaction.