Making a purchase on invoicing

01 make a remote payment from the mobile app

To accept a credit card payment from a customer, you must create a quote and send it to them. They will receive an email with a link to a secure website, where they can approve their quote and pay the invoice.

  1. Click on the Quotes tab
  2. Tap " + " in the Quotes screen, to access the New quote screen. Select a customer from your list, then add products or services to their total.
    1. You can add new products or services to your catalogue by tapping " + " in this screen. Fill out the window that opens and press Save to add the product or service to your catalogue.
    2. If you’ve already added products and services to your catalogue, you can search for them by entering keywords in the search bar.
  3. To adjust the quantity, press the number that appears next to the product or service being purchased.
  4. Once your invoice is complete, press Balance to move on to the Review quote screen.
  5. On the Review quote screen, you can choose to view, save or accept payment now for the quote.
  6. You must then select Save & Email quote. 
  7. Your customer will be sent the quote and a link to a secure payment page. Please note that the quote will be sent to the phone number or email included on the customer's contact.
  8. Once the quote has been sent, the Quote details screen will appear on your device, containing the Pay and Approve quote buttons. Tap the X in the top right corner to close out the window and return to the home page. 


If you approve the quote, it automatically becomes a payable invoice, that can be paid now or later. 


  • Your customer will be sent the quote and a link to a secure payment page. 


Email example


  • Your customer will have to select Process quote to be sent to the quote page. From there the customer can then press pay, approve or decline the quote. 


  • Once the quote is approved, they’ll be brought to the Invoice page, where they can select Pay invoice to pay with their credit card. 


Invoice example
  • The customer will then be sent to an online payment page to finalize the transaction.


Secure payment page