In-person and phone transactions

Be vigilant to protect your business from fraudrelated risks and offer your customers a more secure environment.

01 Protect your equipment with a secure base

A secure base not only prevents the theft of PIN pads and payment terminals, it also thwarts certain fraudulent acts at the point of sale. By using the base, you provide your clients with a secure environment where they can carry out transactions with peace of mind.


Features of the secure base for PIN pads

  • Made of sturdy, durable metal
  • PIN pad can be solidly attached to the base, protecting it against theft
  • PIN pad protectors allow users to enter their PIN confidentially
  • Highly-resistant steel security cable can be made to measure
  • Cable can be easily adjusted by customers while effectively discouraging fraudsters.


Desjardins-approved secure base providers


02 Here are some best practices to prevent fraud

  • Always keep an eye on the terminal, because fraudsters often work in teams: while one creates a distraction, the other modifies the terminal.
  • Stay near your customers when you hand them the terminal at their table for payment.
  • Hand the terminal to the customer only AFTER you’ve entered and confirmed the transaction amount.
  • Place your terminals under the counter or in a secure location before closing.
  • Make sure all your employees get training on using the terminal, know how to accept cards, and encourage customers to use the chip reader. This technology is very reliable; if a chip can’t be read, it should raise your suspicions.
  • Set a maximum amount that can be withdrawn in cash when a purchase is made with a debit card. NEVER authorize a cash withdrawal on a credit card—this practice is prohibited.
  • Prevent the risk of fraud on credit and debit card refunds by adding an Administrator PIN to your terminal.


03 Protect against fraudsters trying to use Accord D financing

More and more fraudsters are trying to use stolen identities to make purchases with Accord D financing, which gives them access to large sums with minimum risk once it’s been approved.

Here are some useful reminders to protect yourself

During the application process:

  • Make sure the application is complete and all the required information is there.
  • Take a good look at the person’s ID.
  • Be extra cautious with customers from outside the region or province (e.g., Toronto customer buying in Montreal or vice versa).
  • When in doubt, call Desjardins.

During the purchase, be wary of customers that:

  • Are trying to make quick purchases.
  • Don’t ask any questions about the product(s).
  • Accept warranties with few or no questions.
  • Buy several of the same items.

During delivery, be wary of customers that:

  • Are waiting outside on the street.
  • Want delivery at an inconvenient location.
  • Want the merchandise left outside.
  • Want the merchandise delivered to a different location than originally agreed upon.
  • Insist on picking up large purchases in the store and quickly.

Don’t feel bad about asking a few extra questions if you have any doubts. You can always ask to see another piece of ID or take down a license plate when the person is picking things up in the store. 



When you agree to process transactions without the physical card, you accept the risks, including major losses of revenue caused by chargebacks.1.
For phone and mail order transactions, ask cardholders for the following information:

  1. The card number;
  2. Their name, as it appears on the card;
  3. The card expiry date
  4. The card account mailing address
  5. The cardholder’s phone numbers (home and cell)
  6. The date and time of the transaction
  7. Details of the conversation (order)
  8. A signature upon delivery of the order, if possible


Make sure you keep proof of delivery of the merchandise


Transactions entered manually or using the magnetic stripe aren’t protected against chargebacks. That means that in the event of fraud, you pay the bill.

If the customer is present, reading the chip and entering the PIN will protect you against chargebacks.


1 When cardholders dispute transactions on their credit card, chargebacks are used to credit their account while an investigation is  conducted and the appropriate financial institution is debited.