Who is Paysafe?

Paysafe is a leading global payment processor with a seamless and fully integrated solution for every type of merchant. Paysafe's robust payment gateway provides merchants with everything they need to accept and process payments globally, including credit/debit cards, Direct Debit, alternative and local payment types. Paysafe offer a variety of RESTful APIs, easy-to-integrate SDKs, and all the integration methods are compatible with mobile devices. Paysafe’s services and tools safeguard merchants against fraud, ensuring that the merchant’s payments remain safe.

Who is Paysafe for?

Merchants from North America, Europe and Australia use Paysafe to accept payments in various forms. From rental properties and gaming to non-profit organizations.

What is Netbanx?

Netbanx is the name of Paysafe’s payments platform.  It refers to both the gateway technology and the Merchant Back Office

What is the difference between Paysafe and Netbanx?

Paysafe is the name of the company and Netbanx is the name of our technology or product (Paysafe > Netbanx).

How is tokenization different from recurring billing?

AF-Afghanistan, CU-Cuba, ER-Eritrea, IR-Iran, IQ-Iraq, KG-Kyrgyzstan, LY-Libya, KP-North Korea, SS-South Sudan, SD-Sudan, SY-Syria.


What platforms have integrated Paysafe’s solutions over the years?

Firepay and Optimal Payments

Which shopping carts does Paysafe support?

Paysafe officially supports 3 shopping cart platforms: Magento 2.0, WooCommerce, NopCommerce. For more details on the supported shopping carts, consult the list.



Why do I have to provide my banking info via void check when opening an account with Paysafe?

For merchants using the Premium Package it is required that Paysafe holds your banking information in order to bill fees related to your processing. Paysafe will only bill applicable fees (transaction and monthly fee) while Desjardins will bill the discount fees.

Can I migrate existing card/payment data from another provider?

If a merchant has card or payment data stored with another payment provider, Paysafe can easily and securely migrate that data to our system, where we will tokenize it for their use.

How can a merchant get a Test account?

A test account can be created in the Developer Centre by pressing the ‘Sign-Up’ button. The test account is compatible with the REST-based APIs – including Card Payments, Customer Vault, and Direct Debit API – and can test the merchant’s integration with a wide variety of transaction request types. For more information, contact our Integrations team at integrations@paysafe.com.

Can I block shoppers from other countries?

Paysafe maintains a list of blocked countries, based on a comprehensive matrix of risk and fraud considerations. If a merchant would like to add to this list of countries blocked due to high risk, they can contact assistance@paysafe.com.

How can I remove a card from the blocked or card referral list?

A merchant can temporarily remove a credit card from our Negative Database by sending a request to our Support team at assistance@paysafe.com. However, please note that this removal is not permanent. Once the merchant has completed the transaction request, Paysafe will put the card back into our Negative Database.


Can I automatically add cards involved in chargebacks to the blocked list?

Yes. If any credit card has had a previous chargeback with a Paysafe merchant or if it is determined by the financial institution to have been compromised, then it will automatically be entered into the Negative Database. In this case, it cannot be used to process any transactions through Paysafe.

In which softwares the online payment solution is available?

The list of softwares is available in the Partners and developers section.


Does Paysafe offer tokenization?

Yes. Paysafe’s Customer Vault API lets you create profiles that contain all of your customer’s sensitive data, including payment and address information. You can then use the payment token generated for that profile to process credit card and/or Direct Debit transactions without having to handle your customer’s data again.

Does Paysafe support recurring billing?

Paysafe offers recurring billing tools for various business models. The merchant can store their customers' payment information in the Customer Profiles section of Netbanx, and we’ll automatically handle it each billing cycle. Paysafe also offers the Subscriptions API, a billing solution that can be used in combination with Card Payments, Direct Debit, and Customer Vault APIs to process repeat payments for your consumers.

Which are the languages supported by the payment page?

French and English.

Is there 3D Secure support?

Yes. Details can be found here.