In which softwares our online payment solution is available?

The list of softwares is available in the Partners and developers section.

Can the payment page be customized?

Yes. The payment page customization feature enables the merchant to change the appearance of the payment page, for example by applying the colours of their own company. For more info, read the Customizing your payment page section.

Can a payment be refunded?

The function is available from the merchant Control Panel. Check out the video for more info.

How do I display my logo on your payment page?

You must send an email to our support centre with the URL of an image of your logo. The image must be in GIF format, with a size of 120 pixels x 120 pixels.

What is the summary file?

The summary file contains a summary of your EPT’s activity, and is sent to you on a regular basis by email or FTP.

What is the EPT selection block used for?

The EPT selection block displays a drop-down list containing all the EPTs that you can manage with your user ID. Thus, you can select a particular EPT with which you want to work, or work on all EPTs simultaneously by selecting the All EPTs option.

What is the maximum time available to my customer for making the payment (entering the card number) after placing an order on my website?

The online shopper has 45 minutes from the time they arrive on the payment page to enter their credit card information. After that time, any entries will be declined.

What is the number of attempts for entering the card number?

The maximum number of attempts for a payment is four.

Where can I find the card numbers for testing?

You can obtain the test cards by going to the payment page of the test environment. Click the Test link beside the payment network logos.

Which are the languages supported by the payment page?

French and English.

Can I be informed by email of every payment request?

Notification can be sent by email every time an authorization request is made (an authorization request is made if the card number format is validated). Ask our support centre to activate the option.

How can I find out the name and address of cardholders?

We do not have any information about the buyer's details on our payment server. The customer only enters the information about their credit card (number, expiry date and card verification number).

What are the various RETURN URLs in the configuration?

The url_retour: link to which the buyer is redirected if an error occurs during the call to our payment page (order already paid, order expired etc.). The url_return_ok: link to which the buyer is redirected if the payment has been accepted. The url_retour_err is a link (that enables the buyer to go back to a page of your online store) displayed at the bottom of our payment page if the payment has been declined or if the payment page is displayed for the first time. These URLs must not be confused with the URL of the “Return” interface.

What is the CGI2 confirmation URL?

It is the return interface. This is the URL of your Return interface, which is responsible for receiving the payment confirmation message issued by the Monetico server.

Where must the CGI2 confirmation URL be configured?

This URL is saved in our databases; you must provide it to us when the solution is implemented. You must also inform us of any change to the address of your Return interface.

I get the message "This EPT is closed" when I make a payment request on the test server?

Any test EPTs that are not used for 15 consecutive calendar days are automatically closed by us. However, they are not deleted and you can use the test EPT reopening function from your Control Panel.

Can I have an EPT for several websites?

Yes, but you will first need to submit a request to us. Because the configuration is specific to each website, you must provide us with all the information (return URLs, “Return” interface address, logo etc.).

Is it possible not to call a return interface, or to call the same URL as the « ok link » and ignore the results of this call?

We absolutely require the return interface to put the solution into production. It is the merchant’s and Monetico's responsibility to ensure that a valid transaction record is available to the customer. Thus, the return interface is part of the solution and it must be implemented according to the specifications issued in the documentation.

Is the URL used to redirect the browser’s page following the payment or to allow you to communicate with this URL?

These URLs must be defined in your configurations, therefore they must be provided to us. Furthermore, it is obviously impossible to use local host addresses; you must define addresses that are reachable by the Internet and the accessible ports are Http(80) or https(443).

Can you confirm that the SSL is mandatory for the return interface?

The use of a return interface with SSL (https port 443) is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

What are the IP addresses for incoming connection calls? and