Can I change the password sent to me via email?

Yes.  The first time you log in, the screen to change your password will automatically appear. You can also change your password again later.

What is Bluetooth? How do I activate Bluetooth on my mobile device?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that works within a 10-metre range of your mobile device. You can activate Bluetooth through the Settings menu in your device.

Where can I use Mobile +?

Anywhere you have access to the Internet (through mobile data on your mobile device or Wi-Fi). The intelligent and secure design of Mobile + lets you quickly accept card payments no matter where you are.

Does Mobile + work on all mobile devices?

The solution is compatible with Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). You’ll need a mobile device with one of these operating systems to use Mobile +. Click here to see a list of compatible devices.

Where can I download the Monetico app?

You can download the app for free on Google Play or the App Store.

How does the keypad work?

The keypad is used to securely read chip-enabled credit and debit cards via Bluetooth technology. You’ll need to wirelessly pair the keypad to your mobile device for it to work. When your customers are ready to pay, all they have to do is insert their credit card and enter their PIN to authorize payment or tap their card on the keypad.

What is “pairing”?

Pairing means using Bluetooth to wirelessly connect your mobile device with your keypad. You only have to do this the first time you use the service on your device. Afterwards, your device will automatically recognize your keypad.

How do I turn on/off the keypad?

Press the black button on the right side of the keypad. When you hear a beep, the keypad is ready to be connected to your mobile device. To turn off the keypad, just press the yellow key and the # key at the same time for a few seconds.

Is the app ever updated?

The Monetico app will be updated every so often to improve your user experience and add new features. You’ll be notified whenever a new version becomes available on the App Store or Google Play.

Can I use the Mobile + solution without a keypad?

Without a keypad, you’ll only be able to do quick sales in cash or by cheque. You can also use the Billing and Expense Tracker to generate quotes and invoices, enter your business expenses, create contacts and suppliers, and access reports.  

What is the battery life for the keypad?

The battery life is about 72 hours in sleep mode or up to 50 transactions.

How much bandwidth does the keypad use?

Every transaction requires approximately 2 to 8 KB. Every batch closure requires approximately 2 to 8 KB.

Are magnetic stripe cards accepted?

If the customer only has a magnetic stripe card, you can take a payment by swiping it through the upper part of the keypad. However, be aware that the risk of fraud is higher for magnetic stripe transactions.

Is contactless payment available on the keypad?

Yes, the keypad accepts contactless payments.

What happens if a payment is declined?

Payment authorization is given by the bank that issued the credit card. If a transaction is declined, you can try again or ask your customer for a different credit card.

Do I need an Internet connection to use the service?

Yes. Each payment transaction requires authorization from the bank that issued the credit card, so you’ll need mobile data or Wi-Fi access to use the service.

Can I send my customers receipts?

Yes. At the end of the transaction, you can ask your customers for their email address or cell phone number and enter it in the Monetico app so you can send a receipt.

Can I use several different mobile devices with the same keypad?

Yes, you can use a keypad with several different mobile devices. Just download the app onto each mobile device that you want to use with the keypad and connect using the same login information that you were given when you signed up. Remember though that you are responsible for how your staff uses the service.

When is an electronic receipt generated?

The app generates an electronic receipt as soon as your customer inserts their card into the keypad, regardless of whether the transaction is approved, cancelled, declined or interrupted by technical issues.

What should I do if a card can’t be read by the keypad?

If the card can’t be read by the keypad, ask your customer for a different one.

Are preauthorized transactions possible?

No. This feature is not available.

How long are transactions saved in my account?

Transaction history is saved for 12 months. Since it’s important to keep your receipts for 3 years, it’s a good idea to download a copy of your receipts for your files.

What happens if I get a new mobile device or switch to another mobile operator?

If you get a new mobile device, simply download the free app to your new device from Google Play or the App Store and then log in with your username and password. Since you’ll be using a new device, you’ll need to pair it to your keypad. Pairing means using Bluetooth to wirelessly connect your mobile device with the Monetico Mobile + keypad. You only have to do this the first time you use the service on your device. Afterwards, your device will automatically recognize your keypad.

Can I save my password in the app so I don’t have to enter it every time?

No. For security reasons, the mobile app will remember your username, but you’ll need to enter your password every time you want to use the app. However, you can enable TouchID (iOS) or Fingerprint recognition (Android) to make it easier to connect to the app.

Is card data stored in my mobile device?

No. No data or other information is stored in your mobile device or in the keypad.

I didn’t get an email with my login information.

Check your spam folder. If you don’t see the email there, please contact us

I haven’t received my keypad.

Once your Mobile + account is set up, you should receive your keypad within 3 to 5 business days. If you still haven’t received it after 5 business days, please contact us.

I locked myself out of my Monetico account.

What should I do if my keypad is lost, stolen, or damaged?

 When a keypad is reported lost or stolen, it is disabled and can’t be used anymore. You will then have to get a new one at your own expense.

It’s taking a long time to process transactions.

Transaction processing times can vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

The keypad says “INSERT CARD” but nothing happens when my customer inserts a card.

This means that the app is not receiving information from the inserted card. This happens when your mobile device has Bluetooth communication problems; it’s not an issue with the Mobile + service. Make sure that Bluetooth is still activated on your mobile device, restart your  device or try again later. The problem may also be related to the chip on your customer’s card.

I can’t activate Bluetooth.

This problem is specific to your mobile device; it’s not an issue with the Mobile + service. Contact your mobile phone provider (e.g., Apple, Samsung).

My customer never received an electronic receipt.

You can send it again through the Monetico app.

How much will I be charged if the keypad of my mobile solution is lost or stolen? Do I have to pay even if I’m a Desjardins member?

When a iCMP keypad is reported lost or stolen, it is disabled and can’t be used anymore. You’ll then have to get a new one at your own expense, regardless of whether you are a Desjardins member.

What is the difference between the mobile solutions online control panel and the Monetico Portal?

The online control panel allows you to access the features of your Mobile + solution from a computer. Among other things, you will be able to consult your transactions, your invoices, your customers and manage your catalog of products and services. The Monetico portal gives you access to an overview of all transactions associated with your account for all your Monetico solutions. You will also find your monthly account statement and other important information related to your Monetico account.