How to activate contactless payments?

It is possible to add the contactless feature on all our terminals. Contactless payments includes payments using a mobile device Apple PayTM* or Android PayTM*. Contacless payments are easy, quick and secure. To add the feature please contact our Business Customer Service at 514-397-4450 or 1-888-285-0015. *TM Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. TM Android is a trade-mark of Google Inc.

How do I change my administrative password?

To change your administrative password please contact our technical support for POS terminal.

Montreal : 514 281-2880 or Toll free : 1 800 363-3514


What is a pre-authorization and how to do it?

A preauthorization enables the merchant to obtain one or several consecutive authorizations until the final transaction amount is known. The merchant can thus confirm that the funds are available in the cardholder’s account.Each authorization freezes the preauthorized amount in the cardholder’s account for a period determined by the card issuer. To learn how to make a preauthorization, please consult the quick reference guide of your terminal.

What type of paper is recommended for my terminal?

We recommend that you use thermal printer paper. Recommended manufacturers and models are : Kanzan KF50, Koehler KT55HS01, Jujo AF50KS-E or Mitsubishi P6402. The width should be 2.28 in +/- 0.040 in (58 mm +/- 1 mm) and the diameter should be 1.57 in (40 mm maximum). You can also shop paper rolls on our Monetico store.

Do I have to install my own payment terminal?

Most Monetico terminals are sent by mail and can be installed in a few simple steps: Classic SignatureEntourage and Nomad.

How long will it take before I can use my payment solution or terminal?

Allow 10 days from the time your merchant file is opened.