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What are chargebacks?

A chargeback occurs when a credit cardholder disputes a transaction made on his or her credit card because proper credit card issuer association (e.g., Visa) acceptance and processing procedures were not followed. The procedure allows the amount of the disputed transactions to be debited from an account while research is done to confirm that they indeed do not belong to the client, and to debit the financial institution (e.g., Desjardins) involved. It is important that proper timeframes and rules regarding disputed transactions be followed by all concerned parties.

Are Monetico payment solutions available outside Quebec?

Monetico is available throughout Canada.

Is my business name what is reflected on transaction slips? Why is it important that the same name be displayed?

Be sure to provide us with the name under which you normally do business, as this is the name that will appear on your clients' statement of account. Your clients may question a transaction if a different name or business number appears on their statement. Clients sometimes request a chargeback if they don't recognize the purchase. To avoid confusion, use the same name everywhere.

Do I have to install my own payment terminal?

Most Monetico terminals are sent by mail and can be installed in a few simple steps:

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If you have any problems, contact technical support: 514-281-2880 (Montreal) or 1-800-363-3514

How long will it take before I can use my payment solution or terminal?

Allow 10 days from the time your merchant file is opened.

What services are available if I have technical problems with my payment solution or terminal?

For assistance, contact technical support:

514-281-2880 (Montreal) or 1-800-363-3514

In the event of technical problems, a technician will be on site by the end of the next day at the latest.
Technicians are available 7 days a week, from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, and will visit during the merchant’s business hours.


What are Desjardins member advantages?

As a Desjardins member, you pay no fees for daily deposit of payments to your Desjardins business account.

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How is Monetico's fee structure different?

It’s the only fee structure on the market that allows you to budget for the cost of accepting credit and debit card payments in advance. The fee structure is straightforward and customized since it's determined by your business's transaction volume and industry.

  • No matter how transactions are made, no additional fees are added to the discount rate.
  • Regardless of changes in payment network interchange rates, Monetico guarantees the fee structure can only change once a year.
  • No monthly, quarterly or annual fees added to the bill.

What are the advantages of using Monetico payment solutions?

The proximity of Monetico, a major supplier of payment solutions in Canada, and availability of services, are just the start. Monetico plays a leading role in the market with regards to fee structure, reliability, security and accessibility, and offers unique advantages as a result of the power of cooperation and its commitment to members, clients and the community. By working with several partners, we're able to offer secure, innovative and high-performance solutions on an ongoing basis.

What best practices should be adopted to prevent fraud?

Desjardins supports your fraud prevention efforts. For your security and that of your clients, it’s important to follow transaction guidelines. Your vigilance protects your business from fraud-related risks and provides your clients with a more secure environment. To learn more, contact Business Customer Service at 514-397-4450 or 1-888-285-0015.

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What is PCI and what is its purpose?

The goal of the PCI DSS standard is to protect all data related to credit card use. During a transaction, sensitive information, including client credit card numbers, is transmitted, processed and sometimes stored for brief periods of time. To adequately protect this sensitive information at all stages of the transaction, PCI DSS requires that all payment industry stakeholders, whether card issuers, consumers or merchants, adopt security measures.

Can I get my monthly account statement online?

Statements are available on the My Station portal the first of the month following registration for online statements of account. Access to the My Station portal is free. You can also use it to manage card payment processing information (transaction reports and online statements of account).

To register for the My Station portal, contact Business Customer Service at 514-397-4450 or 1-888-285-0015. Our advisors will give you a user code and temporary password.

Important: If you are a franchisee or belong to a retail group, your head office may be able to give you access to the portal. Check with them first before contacting us.

My contact information has changed. Do I need to let you know?

As a merchant, you receive a lot of important information from us. Notify us of any change to your business information on file (new business address, mailing address, phone or fax number) so we can contact you at whenever necessary.

To learn more, contact Business Customer Service at 514-397-4450 or 1-888-285-0015.

Should I contact you if I sell my business, a partner leaves or my business activity changes?

All of these are good reasons to contact us, as they have an important impact on your merchant file. If you sell your business, for example, we must close your merchant account even if the new owner also does business with us. It is therefore important that you contact Business Customer Service to inform us of any change. We'll be able to make the changes required to your business file so it reflects your status at all times.

To learn more, contact Business Customer Service at 514-397-4450 or 1-888-285-0015.

Contact us for more information or if you'd like to get a Monetico payment solution