Prerequisites Classic Signature (iCT250), Entourage (iWL220) and Nomad (iWl250)

Ingenico high-speed IP-enabled terminals are ergonomic and easy to use. Installation is easy. Basic installation requirements for IP-enabled terminals:

01 high-speed internet access

  • Minimum 7 Mbps download speed 
  • Minimum 2Mbps upload speed
  • If you’ll be installing the terminal more than 3 metres from a router, you’ll need a CAT5 Ethernet cable (a 3-metre cable is supplied with the terminal).
  • You’ll need to install a router if you have:
    • More than one terminal on the same site
    • A terminal and a computer that share internet access


02 internet jack

Make sure you have an internet jack near the equipment.


03 firewall

  • If you have a firewall, open outbound TCP ports: 1505, 2211 and 9871
  • If you have a firewall, add the following addresses (network address translation, or “natting,” is not permitted):
    • Primary transaction: (tcp-2211)
    • Secondary transaction: (tcp-2211)
    • Primary download: (tcp-9871)
    • Secondary download: (tcp-9871)


04 networks setups

There are two possible network setups:


  1. Static: You must send us the IP settings for the POS terminal (IP address, mask ID, gateway address, and primary and secondary DNS addresses).
  2. Dynamic: No other information is required. This is the preferred option.



Installation requirements for standalone ip-enabled terminals.