All about your Nomad (iWL250) terminal

The Nomad terminal (iWL250) is the perfect mobile payment solution to accept payments, regardless of their environment; no need for Internet access or a phone line. Ideal for special events, deliveries, taxi, kiosks, markets and fairs, conferences, food services, door-to-door sales, etc.

  1. Receipt printer
  2. Tab to open the lid
  3. Paper roll compartment
  4. Magnetic stripe reader
  5. Green key to confirm input data or messages
  6. Yellow key to correct invalid data
  7. Red key to cancel the current function and return to the menu
  8. Chip card reader
  9. Where applicable, each of these keys allows for the  selection of the item displayed above the key on the  screen.
    1. F1: Access retailer menus
    2. F2: Scroll down
    3. F3: Scroll up
    4. F4: Start default transaction
  10. Color graphic screen / Contacless reading area


learn more 

Nomad user guide (iWL250)  [PDF 3,5 MB]

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