Setting up your terminal

Find out how to install your countertop Multi-merchant (Classic Signature (iCT250) terminal in a few easy steps.

Install your countertop Multi-merchant (Classic Signature (iCT250) terminal

01  connecting the terminal

  1. Connecting the power cord: plug the power cord (black) into the round socket (A) to connect the power supply.
  2. Connecting the communication line: plug the phone cord (black*) into the phone socket (dial-up) or plug the network cable (blue*) into the socket (IP link).

* The cable colour may sometimes be different.

  • Note: This connection is intended for merchants with an IP link. If you have only a dial-up line, only connect the phone cord.


02 starting up the terminal

After connecting the terminal, it is not necessary to turn it on because it initializes by itself. At the end of this step, the Desjardins logo will appear on the terminal screen, commonly referred to as the idle screen.


03  Inserting the thermal printer paper

Inserting the thermal printer paper
  1. To open the terminal cover, lift the tab and push back the lid.
  2. Insert the paper roll.
  3. Push the terminal lid down to close it.

Recommended paper type for the terminal

Recommended manufacturers and models: Kanzan KF50, Koehler KT55HS01, Jujo AF50KS-E or Mitsubishi P6402
Grade: Single ply, POS or fax grade thermal paper
Width: 2,28 in +/- 0,040 in (58 mm +/- 1 mm)
Diameter: 1,57 in (40 mm maximum)


04 Activating the terminal

No call is needed and no action is required. The terminal will be activated and ready to use within 24 hours after reception.


For added security and to minimize mistakes, each merchant using the Multi-merchant solution can protect their account with a unique password.


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