Your first transaction with your Entourage (iWL220)

Follow these few steps to initiate your first transaction with your Entourage (iWL220).

01  initiating a transaction


  1. Press the (F4) key to automatically initiate the default transaction (the (F4) key must be  programmed in advance).
  2. Follow the instructions on the terminal to complete the transaction.


To perform any transaction:

  • Press the (F1) key to access the terminal menu.
  • The available functions are described in the  section Terminal menus.


02 contactless transaction

Your Ingenico iWL220 terminal allows the use of contactless cards to complete some transactions, depending on the amount and the type of transaction performed. Contactless transactions are quick and help reduce waiting time at the cash.

Contactless transaction

Contactless transaction steps: 


  1. Start the transaction (rapid access key)
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Contactless card reading by the customer
  4. Transaction authorization
  5. Optional printing of client receipt


When a transaction is « contactless admissible», the contactless card reader, located on the terminal screen, is automatically activated. The contactless logo will appear on the screen and the first green light above the screen will be lighted.

To read the contactless card, the customer must present the card gently to the terminal screen. When the card has been read, the four (4) green lights above the screen will be lighted and a "beep" will be heard.

Payment using a mobile device as Apple PayTM* and Android PayTM* is also permitted. The cardholder may be asked to identify themself with, for example, a personal code on their device. 

Printing of the client receipt is optional for a contactless transaction. The terminal will ask you if your client wants a receipt or not, (YES/NO question). If your client decides he wants a receipt after you’ve already answered NO, you can always reprint a receipt by using the "Reprint" option from the Main menu.

*TM Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. TM Android is a trade-mark of Google Inc.


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