Card information

Accept secure payment cards with these helpful tips.



The iCT250 terminal contains:

  • A reader, located on the right side of the terminal, reads magnetic stripe cards.
  • Another reader, located at the bottom of the terminal, reads chip cards.
  • A contactless card reading area on the terminal screen.




The PIN generally replaces the signature for a chip card transaction. However, different combinations of PIN and signature may be required. Refer to terminal instructions and request cardholder signature if a signature line appears on the transaction record. 


Chip card: a chip card must be inserted into the reader at the bottom of the terminal (chip facing up) and left there for the entire transaction.

Magnetic stripe card: A magnetic stripe card must be swiped through the reader located on the right side of the terminal (magnetic stripe facing inward). The magnetic stripe credit card must be swiped by the clerk because he/she must compare the signature on the card with that on the transaction record.

Contactless card: the contactless reading area is located on the terminal screen. The contactless card, when requested, must be placed in front of the screen, then quickly withdrawn. The read is completed when the card is withdrawn.

Payment using a mobile device Apple PayTM* or Android PayTM* is also permitted. The cardholder may be asked to identify themself with, for example, a personal code on their device.

*TM Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. TM Android is a trade-mark of Google Inc.