Closing out your day

01  Close batch

You must close the terminal batch at the end of each day in order to ensure that the full deposit of your transactions is made. The Close Batch function enables you to print the current batch transactions report.


  1. Press the (F1) key to access the Main menu.
  2. Select Retailer.
  3. Select Administration.
  4. Select Close batch.
  5. Press the green key to initiate batch closing.
  6. Then press the (F4) key if you wish to print the transaction details.

02  transmit BATCH

  •  This function allows you to transmit all «not confirmed» transactions to the Desjardins host (preauthorization completion, offline transaction, etc.)


03  reports

  • Batch totals: enables you to print a report of the current batch totals.
  • Daily totals: enables you to print daily totals reports for the business day.
  • Clerk totals: enables you to print a totals report per employee.
  • Transactions: enables you to print the transactions in the current batch without closing the batch.
  • Preauthorization: produces a list of preauthorizations performed during the preceding 15-day period, that have not been completed or reversed.
  • Not confirmed: allows you to print the list of monetary transactions that have not yet been confirmed by the Desjardins host. The administrative password is always required for this transaction.