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Desjardins Payment Services Agreement

The merchant payment services agreement has been reviewed, and some sections have been modified. These are the sections that have changed since the last version:

Section 2 - Definitions 
Section 3 - Visa merchant service and Mastercard merchant service 
Section 4 – Desjardins financing service
Section 5 – Online payment service and mobile payment solution
Section 7 - Desjardins gift card programs
Section 11 – Payment and indebtedness
Section 12 – Liability and indemnification
Section 16 – Risk management
Section 18 – Advertising and trademarks
Section 24 – Notice

View the Desjardins Payment Services Agreement

This new Agreement will come in to effect July 1, 2018. If you'd like a paper version of the updated Agreement, please call Business Customer Service at 514-397-4450 or 1-888-285-0015.

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